"Empowering people who deliver ten times more value."

- Cory von Wallenstein

  • Early stage capital.
  • Product/market fit guidance.
  • Growth strategy.

Mayflower Venues

Nontraditional outdoor wedding venues

Hundreds of unique farms, estates, mansions and other exquisitely unique venues to host the wedding of a lifetime. Forget weeks of phone calls to find and book the right venue and vendors; search and book everything you need in minutes at Mayflower Venues.


Access the world's scientific equipment

Meenta makes it easy for scientists to instantly book time on thousands of shared instruments and services.


Realtime production scoring

Realtime insight for the factory floor. Forget analytics and spreadsheets that highlight poor performance in the past; see in realtime where to focus your energy now so your team can exceed today's goal.

Standard Cognition

Autonomous checkout for brick & mortar retail

Walk in to the store, grab your items and walk out with your order fully paid thanks to AI-powered checkout by Standard Cognition.


Automatic notes and action items for every conference call

Add Fireflies.ai as a meeting participant to your web conference meeting invite, and automatically get meeting notes and action items to the right attendees in the right apps.


Car maintenance at your workplace

Drive to work, drop off your keys at the front desk, and have all of your car maintenance taken care of before you head home for the day.

Dexai Robotics

Automated meal prep

Alfred from Dexai Robotics receives order requests from existing POS systems, uses existing utensils to pick up ingredients, and efficiently assembles any recipe.

Kantum Pharma

Developing a therapy for acute kidney injury

Dr. Sylvie Breton is a biophysicist with a passion for discovery. Her work has the potential to change medicine - she has found a method of diagnosing and treating acute kidney injury, which is often called the "silent killer" for its lack of symptoms.


Smart outdoor advertising

Firefly delivers full screen, engaging media and measurement on rideshare vehicles and taxis while also sharing smart city data with city partners and revenue with driver partners.


Skin care from within

No sunburn all summer long for our family of six thanks to Sundaily. Daily gummies that boost your skin's natural abilities to fight free radical damage and resist the effects of UV light, smog and stress on your skin.


Capital + Guidance

Capital and active guidance from ideation through growth.


Lifecycle investment from Series Seed through Series A and Series B.


Mentorship and guidance on finding product/market fit and early growth.


Successfull exits through IPOs and acquisitions.